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Bio-Rem E-D
Bio-Rem E-D Safety Sheet

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(In U.S. 50 States)


Hydrolyzes Grease
Digest Waste
Eliminates Odor
Keeps Drain Free-Flowing

For use in:
Problem Grease Traps
Commercial and Industrial Kitchens
Overloaded Plumbing and Waste Lines
Sluggish Sewer and Leach Lines
Food, Meat, and Poultry Packing Plants
Municipal Sewage Treatment Plants

Authorized by the USDA for use in Federally Inspected Meat Packing Plants


BIO-REM E-D is a granular (powdered) bacteria/enzyme waste digester. It is an industrial strength product for use in grease traps and problem sewer and drain lines. Grease is the single largest problem in waste treatment. It causes stoppages and odors; it congeals with other substances; and it requires specialized treatment and disposal. Grease is derived from several sources: kitchen waste, human waste, and interaction of hard water with soap and detergents. For this reason, BIO-REM E-D contains several strains of enzyme-producing micro-organisms to effectively break down grease and the other forms of sewage that cause blockages, backups, and odors. ADVANTAGES: キProvides fast digestive action with immediately available enzymes plus live bacteria for continued solids digestion and odor control.

キProvides complete digestion with organisms to break down the fatty acids produced by primary digestion.
キFermentation factor stimulates bacteria already present.
キRequires no special equipment. Applications can be mixed manually.
キWill not damage plumbing. Contains no caustics or acids.
キIs non-hazardous and authorized by the USDA. Contains no pathogens, chlorinated benezenes, or EPA priority pollutants.

キStore in a cool, dry place.
キBIO-REM E-D is activated by water. Pre-mix or flush recommended dosages into pipes with at least 2 cups of lukewarm (NOT HOT) water.
キWhen treating multi-story buildings, treat lowest floors first and work up. This will avoid clogging lower floors before they are cleaned.
キFor best results, use BIO-REM E-D according to a planned maintenance schedule.
キApply BIO-REM E-D just before periods of lowest flow. The longer BIO-REM E-D is retained, the better it works.
キDo not use in conjunction with bleach, disinfectants, or harsh drain-cleaning chemicals, as these will inactivate the bacterial action of BIO-REM E-D.
キSold by weight. Will settle in shipping.


The Problem: Grease and its disposal are the biggest problems facing most food service facilities. Hot water dissolves kitchen grease and deposits it into the plumbing lines. As the water cools in the pipes, grease congeals with debris in the water. This material then adheres to the interior surfaces of the pipes. Garbage grinders compound the problem by adding raw food particles to the congealed grease. Failure to clean out this grease/food buildup causes slow drainage, foul odors, and eventual stoppage.

The Remedy: BIO-REM E-D is a USDA-Authorized, food-grade product that can be used safely in all commercial kitchens. It is non-pathogenic, is tested salmonella-free, and has no odor of its own. BIO-REM E-D removes the causes of clogging and odors by digesting grease and other food matters that build up in waste lines. Cleanout dosage: Note: Where buildup is severe, treat drains closest to waste lines leading out of the building first. Where a grease trap is present, treat grease trap first. (See section on grease traps). Treat at closing or prior to time of lowest flow to maximize retention. Apply the following dosage daily for one week. Pre-mix or flush all dosages with at least two cups of lukewarm water.

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(In U.S. 50 States)