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Deep Trench Gravity Flow System

The only difference between a Standard system and a Deep Trench system is the depth of the trenches that are installed. Because the trench is deeper there is less lineal footage needed. This type of system is usually utilized on smaller lots where soils allow for a deeper trench. If a Standard leach field will fit in the area designated, then a Standard System would be utilized.

Maintenance Requirements:

Septic tank maintenance should include pumping the septic and cleaning the effluent filter every three to five years. Because the septic tank maintenance is critical to the over-all performance of the sewage disposal system, failure to perform this maintenance can lead to sedimentation and premature failure of the leach lines.

The primary and 100% repair area must be protected from vehicular traffic, corrals, animal enclosures, stables, structures, below or above ground pools, or any other activity that causes alterations such as grading, cuts/fills, ect. Failure to do so may void any warranties.

Please note that all roof drainage should be diverted away from the leach field. Irrigation in the area of the leach trenches should be kept to a minimum to avoid saturating the soil. Drip irrigation should be used.

Also we recommend water conservation should be enlisted for household water use to maximize the life expectancy of the absorption trenches. Also take care of any household leaks immediately to avoid unnecessary saturating of the leach trenches.

Below is a cross-section of a typical Deep Trench leach line. Please note: this does not represent all deep trench system leach lines but one type commonly installed in Nevada County.