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All-Sierra Septic (530) 888-3639

All-Sierra Septic (530) 888-3639

All-Sierra Septic (530) 888-3639
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Perc & Mantle

What is a Perc and Mantle?


Soil test pits or soil mantles are excavations done with a backhoe to verify effective soil depth. Effective soil is considered soil that will treat or filter sewage. For a standard sewage disposal system (in our counties) a minimum 6 feet of effective soil is required, 4 feet of effective soil below the trench bottom. The standard trench depth is 24-inches.


Percolation test are used to determine how fast or slow water will filter through the soil. A perc hole is dug to the anticipated trench bottom or to the limiting horizon. The hole is pre-soaked to simulate winter time or wet weather conditions. Readings of how quickly water leaves this hole are taken the following day. These reading are then averaged to calculate your average percolation rate.

Process To Install The Average Septic System in Placer County
Time Completed
Anticipated Cost
1-3 days
Give check to All Sierra Septic made out to Placer County Environmental Health Dept. (P.C.E.H.D) for us to schedule the Perc & Mantle (P&M) (see below)
3-5 weeks
To schedule the P&M the County has a fee of
Approx $722.00
5-7 days
The County supervises All Sierra Septic (ie designer, backhoe, and operator) performing the P& M Please note: It is recommended to have owners or owners representative present on this first day
5-7 days
Because we are one stop shop we provide the backhoe, operator, designer for 2 mantles and 3 perc test - (A Standard P & M).
The designer will complete the P & M paperwork.
to $1450.00
If a design is needed:
The designer will quote a firm price to perform the specific design and time to complete said design
Please note:
Upon approval and completion of the design we can provide a firm installation cost for the system
4-6 weeks
Once the design is completed, the 2 design originals will need to be taken to N.C.E.H.D. to apply for the installation permit of system
$0 - $800
1-3 weeks
Once a permit is issued we can usually start installing the system.
Depends on type of system