Timeframe Description Est. Cost
1-3 days Create a check made out to Placer County Environmental Health Dept (P.C.E.H.D) and then go to PCEH to pay/apply for the Perc & Mantle. $878
1-5 weeks To schedule the P&M (after paying the County) contact Us. 0
5-7 days Because we are a one stop shop, we provide the backhoe, operator, and designer for 2 mantles and 3 perc test - (A Standard P&M). The designer will complete the P&M paperwork.
The County supervises Navo & Sons (designer, backhoe, and operator) while performing the P&M. Please note: It is recommended to have owners or owners representative present on this first day.
1-2 weeks If a design is needed: The designer will quote a firm price to perform the specific design and time to complete said design. Please note: Upon approval and completion of the design we can provide a firm installation cost for the system. $0-$2500
1-6 weeks Once the design is completed, the 2 design originals will need to be taken to P.C.E.H.D. to apply for the installation permit of system. $675+
1-3 weeks Once a permit is issued we can usually start installing the system. Depends on the system